Ian's Lunar Pages

Ian's Lunar Pages

"Char me the trunk of a giant redwood, give me pages of white cliffs to write upon, magnify me thousands of times and replace my trifling immodesties with a titanic megalomania.....then I might write large enough for our subjects"

-Charles Fort The Book of the damned

It's been a while since I updated this site (blame the Bulgarian telecommunications cartel :-( ), I'm taking a break from the farm, working in China as a Science and English teacher, which should give me the opportunity to investigate the Guanyin, lunar festivals, mooncakes, three legged toads and other interesting topics. My internet access is better now, but I'm stuck behind the great firewall, so no google, twitter, youtube, facebook or anything with big yellow ducks in it is available to me. After much searching I have managed to get scans of the Judge Dredd classic comic book story Loonies Moon (link below). I'm still interested in your comments and criticism, (feedback and contributions have made this website into the bloated behemoth that it is today). If you have anything to say, email me at driansanders[at]yahoo.com I will try and get back to you as soon as possible.

Uh? What? Why? Wossit all about then?
Lunar Gardening
Make Your own Moondial
Moonsigns (The astrology bit)
The Man in the Moon
The Toad and the Hare
The Utchat
The Crab and the Bookworm
The Stairway to Heaven
Moon calves
Is the Moon Made of Green Cheese?
The Navajo Message to the Moon
Nuking the Moon
The Mekong dragon
Lunar rainbows
The fool on the moon
The Mad Hatter's Lunar Pocket Watch
Transient Lunar Phenomena
Animals and the Moon
The White Goddess
The Mayan Moon Goddess
Miscellaneous Moon Myths
Lunar Calendars
Judge Dredd: Loonies Moon
Full Moon (photograph)
Map of the Moon
Curious Correspondence
The Eclipse
My Pictures
Moon links
Other Sites I Like But Couldn't Hope to Pigeonhole
Frequently asked questions
Take my survey
Webrings and Awards

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