A hare, a toad, a donkey, a winking eye, a bow, a ship, a queen bee, a chip of flint, a cheese, a man gathering wood, a crab, a girl with a book. The moon is all this and more. Eclipsed it drips blood, eclipsing, it is a decapitating sickle, or a serpent swallowing the sun like an egg. It has been visited many times, by ladder, by boat, by tree, by bird. It's light spawns mooncalves, makes the blind poet drunk with inspiration and makes the lunatic howl. It is the reaper which mows down man and beast like hay. She beats time with the tide and the rising of sap, confounding all with the steps of her dance.
Apparently she likes croissants

Caution: For safety reasons this site should be taken in small doses with an occasional pinch of salt.

The object of this page is to collect information about the moon. Some parts of this site may have little or nothing to do with the moon. Please bear with me. I tend to ramble, but I do have a lot to say, and normally it only gets said late at night after too many pints, so if it seems confused, that's because it is.

If you know anything about the moon, or if you know how Michael Stipe seems to know all this stuff already, or if your web page is relevant to any of this, or if you've found dead links please E-Mail me.

Recently I have discovered several of my pages reproduced elsewhere on the web. I don't mind this (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all :-) ), but if you wish to use any of this material, please consult me first, and be sure to put in a link back to this site.

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