Sites I really like but couldn't hope to pigeonhole

C.R.O.P. Co-op Ltd.
Community Recycling for Organic Produce
My art on deviantart
Wise woman in woods
Large Salad City
A large vegan meal served up at Glastonbury by smiling dreadlocked people sitting on strawbales

Fisheye in cyberspace
Resistance is fertile!

Banner Heather's Homepage
This is Heather's site about non violent direct action in Britain. An amazing page by an amazing person

Tangletown Chronicles
Online anarchist novel and anti-commercial, anti-technological writing

The Happy Hippy's Homepage
A massive volume of polemic from a British Hippy

Harry Alderslades environment page
Ecology, by an Open University student

Faslane Peace Camp

The yogurt runneth free!

Bill Hicks
Transcripts and audio from the late great subversive comic
Are you listed on FBI files? This is REALLY scary

Jive talking comin up from da street

Iris's Webpage
Poetry and more from the Philipines

Kendra's Thoughts
Poetry and hard rock

The Great God Pan is Alive!
Follow in his hoofprints

An in depth look at a little known German fairy tale

D.Ashliman's Folktexts
One of the best folklore resources on the web

Celtic deities

Poetry, gaming, art, David Bowie and the Rocky Horror Picture Show

Mellisende's women of history
A really informative page about dozens of famous, infamous and not so famous women from history

Words of Innespiration
The complete lyrics of Neil Innes from the Bonzo dog do da band

Laurie Anderson
Another Clone

Zodiacal Zephyr

'Orrerscopes 'orrerscopes freshly done today!
Join the search for Kanabop. Art Terrorism with humour. French with English subtitles

The Sun
No! not the tabloid. This is Eliza's homepage

The diary of Penny Dre@dful

Darcy International English

Redwolf's Lair

Scarlette's Realm

Lostdreams Garden

Mellisende's Realm
Not to be confused with the other Mellisende's page. This page deals with myth legend, art and more

Cottingly Glen

The Iliad and Odyssey homepage

Brewers dictionary

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