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These photographs are all linked from elsewhere on my site, but they might be easier to find here.

Bollard worship
Baba Ram Das explains the sacred significance of a concrete traffic bollard [Full story here]

The Superadobe
NASA reveal plans to take the architecture of Antonio Gaudi to the moon

The Goddess and the Sorrowful God
Archaeologists suspect that life in the Neolithic was very dull

The Egyptian god with a serious identity crisis

The Minoan pendant of the bees
Legend has it that upon completing this work, Daedalus, master craftsman to king Minos exclaimed:
"Oh *%&&#; I've forgotten to give them enough legs"

The Samson Stone
A carved Pictish stone telling the story of Samson

Hatstand with two bears
A carved hatstand from a hotel in Hertford, identical to one in the castle on St Michael's Mount and another which was used as a prop in Fawlty Towers. Seems to represent the axis mundi, Ursa major and Ursa minor. Weird huh?

Robin Goodfellow

AKA Puck, from a 16th century woodcut

Made by Malcolm Appleby, resembling the utchat

Saxon goddess with the ears of a hare

Ian and Maggie
Margarita the donkey and a certain amateur folklorist :-)
The Egyptian God with the head of a hare

The Tinners Rabbits
The badge of the Tinners guild

The mysterious three legged toad from China
Flutes made from the bones of cranes

Other Photos

These photos aren't anywhere else on my site, but they should be, because they're hilarious. Please feel free to distribute these as widely as possible.

*caution* Some of these pictures may be disturbing to certain multinational corporations and fans of sesame street. If you are easily offended, please look at these pictures. No, really.

Save the whales
Genetic engineering
Bill Gates
exercise your options
Elvis 2
Fire trick
Joe Chemo
Sesame Street

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